A Stirring in the Bones

by Jennifer Lyn Parsons

"This is more than a mission. There are larger things at stake here than the survival of the Hantirri or the Diot. It may not seem it, but the galaxy is at a fragile place in its history, more fragile than I've seen it in many, many years. There is no debate on this. Tir chooses the messenger and those it wants for its tasks. You are here and the time is now, Elys Ki Dul."

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"A personal story at the heart of a vast, fragile universe.” - Tara Lindsey, author of “The Esbat Sequence”

Elys Ki Dul long ago accepted that he is neither the best nor brightest of the Hantirri Order. He takes comfort in being useful, focusing on completing his missions as a courier and training the apprentice he chose himself, despite her unconventional nature.

When an unexpected letter comes into his possession, he finds himself charged with a task meant for those more powerful than himself. With his world turned upside down, Elys relies on his apprentice’s clear-headed outlook, a new companion’s heart-centered strength, and the wisdom of a mysterious old woman who is more than she seems.

Set amidst a galaxy recovering from centuries of conflict, A Stirring in the Bones tells the story of a humble man forced to question his place in the universe when Fate comes calling. Or maybe he was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. Even Elys isn’t quite sure.

  • Genre: Space Fantasy
  • Print Length: 308 pages
  • Publication Date: 2nd ed: November 12th, 2013
  • ISBN: 978-1-938697-38-8

This book was full of mystical science fiction! Jennifer created a beautiful world full of characters you will love and an ethereal ambiance you won't want to leave behind! - Erin DeMoss


Jennifer Lyn Parsons

A pixel-slinger and code monkey by trade, Jennifer Lyn Parsons is a life-long lover of story with a capital S. Her work has been seen in 365 Tomorrows, Dark Valentine Magazine, Eternal Haunted Summer, and The Shining Cities Anthology among others. She published her first novel in 2012. When not writing either code or fiction, she runs Luna Station Press, devours comic books, and sometimes makes things out of wool. She can be reached through her website,